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World of Warcraft Ragglesnout

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NameRagglesnout (Elite)
FactionQuilboar Razorfen
Submitted Bysanklovich
Razorfen Downs
Drops ItemsClick To Hide/Show
ItemDrop Rate
Savage Boar\'s Guard Savage Boar's Guard%38.3877
Boar Champion\'s Belt Boar Champion's Belt%31.8618
Silk Cloth Silk Cloth%17.4664
X\'caliboar X'caliboar%14.7793
Mageweave Cloth Mageweave Cloth%2.87908
Goldenbark Apple Goldenbark Apple%1.91939
Hefty War Axe Hefty War Axe%1.72745
Sweet Nectar Sweet Nectar%1.34357
Interlaced Vest Interlaced Vest%0.959693
Ravager\'s Woolies Ravager's Woolies%0.767754
Murphstar Murphstar%0.767754
Double Mail Shoulderpads Double Mail Shoulderpads%0.575816
Shiny Dirk Shiny Dirk%0.575816
Mana Potion Mana Potion%0.575816
Large Knapsack Large Knapsack%0.575816
Warden\'s Wristbands Warden's Wristbands%0.575816
Light Scimitar Light Scimitar%0.383877
Double Mail Bracers Double Mail Bracers%0.383877
Interlaced Gloves Interlaced Gloves%0.383877
Interlaced Cowl Interlaced Cowl%0.383877
Darkmist Boots Darkmist Boots%0.383877
Aquamarine Aquamarine%0.383877
Greater Healing Potion Greater Healing Potion%0.383877
Double-stitched Cloak Double-stitched Cloak%0.191939
Sparkleshell Breastplate Sparkleshell Breastplate%0.191939
Stone Club Stone Club%0.191939
Saltstone Sabatons Saltstone Sabatons%0.191939
Double Mail Pants Double Mail Pants%0.191939
Reflective Heater Reflective Heater%0.191939
Double Mail Gloves Double Mail Gloves%0.191939
Plans: Iron Counterweight Plans: Iron Counterweight%0.191939
Keen Axe Keen Axe%0.191939
Lunar Cloak Lunar Cloak%0.191939
Lunar Belt Lunar Belt%0.191939
Interlaced Pants Interlaced Pants%0.191939
Scroll of Protection III Scroll of Protection III%0.191939
Geomancer\'s Wraps Geomancer's Wraps%0.191939
Scroll of Agility II Scroll of Agility II%0.191939
Geomancer\'s Cap Geomancer's Cap%0.191939
Interlaced Bracers Interlaced Bracers%0.191939
Citrine Citrine%0.191939
Interlaced Boots Interlaced Boots%0.191939
Hardened Leather Tunic Hardened Leather Tunic%0.191939
Hardened Leather Shoulderpads Hardened Leather Shoulderpads%0.191939
Hardened Leather Bracers Hardened Leather Bracers%0.191939
Trueshot Bow Trueshot Bow%0.191939


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